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Insights from a Trust Administrator

Insights from a Trust Administrator

25 April 2023

Trust and Company Administrator, Carla Brun, discusses her career change and the support she received from HFL when she started in trust last year.

Trust administration is a varied and dynamic role that includes managing a portfolio of clients and being responsible for managing the affairs of high-net-worth clients and their families. This includes assisting with the management and administration of their assets, investments and estate planning. At HFL, our team of trust administrators are knowledgeable, hardworking, and embody our ‘client first’ mantra on a daily basis.

One such administrator is Carla Brun, who started her role as a Trust and Company Administrator last year. Before joining the trust team, Carla had experience in banking and insurance and after having her first daughter, she decided it was time for a change and joined HFL’s operations team doing project work. However, she quickly discovered an interest in trust and HFL supported her in a career change.

‘Working in trust is something I have always been interested in pursuing. HFL has been incredibly supportive, enabling me to change my career and within the first year, helped me to complete my STEP certificate. I’m so pleased I ended up taking this opportunity in my professional life with the encouragement of HFL.’ said Carla.

Carla gained a distinction in her International Trust Management certificate and is working towards the STEP diploma. As a recently qualified Trust Administrator, Carla has responsibility for a portfolio of clients and is enjoying getting to know them.

In the private client sector, it is important to build a good relationship with your clients and learn how to manage their individual needs. Carla was able to draw on her previous experience working in client facing roles and transfer this to her new role. She has found that in trust administration, organisational skills and flexibility are key in providing good quality service to her clients.

Her day-to-day includes a variety of administrative duties, from dealing with client requests which amongst many things includes making distributions and assisting clients and beneficiaries with their tax positions to collecting due diligence and bookkeeping. The role of a trust administrator is also very people focused and includes liaising with clients and advisors, meeting with a range of key players in the financial services industry as well as working with property managers and tax advisors.

‘It’s a varied role with lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn about different sectors. I learn a lot from the people around me as well; the managers and directors are all very knowledgeable and approachable and on-hand for any technical help when needed. I get a lot of job satisfaction from the constant and continued learning and development at HFL. Looking back to when I started in trust last year, I’m proud of how much I’ve learned and excited about what’s to come.’

Carla is going on maternity leave next month to have her second child. Once she returns, she plans to embark on her STEP diploma.  HFL go above and beyond to support their employees in both their careers and their home lives. The maternity and paternity leave packages ensure that the parents on our team have a healthy work-life balance.

‘From the moment I joined HFL, it was clear that the company values its employees as individuals and strives to support them both professionally and personally. When I was seeking a new job, HFL was my first interview. I immediately felt drawn to the company's exceptional culture and the way they prioritise the well-being of their staff. It is truly gratifying to work in such a supportive environment, and I am grateful to be part of the team.’

You can read more about careers at HFL and how we foster a supportive culture for parents here.

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