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Life at HFL – what our summer students learnt

Life at HFL – what our summer students learnt

6 September 2022

We are determined to support the future of our island’s finance sector. This summer, we welcomed Sam Clarke and Eleanor Sauvarin to the office, where they have been assisting the fund administration team.

In addition to learning about the industry, time in the office helps students and young people kick-start their careers, feel more confident about job hunting and understand more about office-based roles and the world of work.  

We asked them a few questions to find out how they found their time at HFL. 

What have you enjoyed most about working at HFL? 

Sam – One of the things I have enjoyed most during my time here was being able to develop an understanding of a sector I had never experienced. I’m beginning to grasp the kind of work that goes on daily in fund administration, and I’ve gained valuable organisational awareness in an exciting finance sector.  

Eleanor – I think what’s been great about working here is that it’s a calm and welcoming environment, so it’s been a nice transition into the world of work. I have completed some tasks independently and developed my own way of working. 

Have you learnt anything new or developed a new skill? 

Sam - My Microsoft Excel skills have benefitted from my time here! Similarly, I have tested my ability to adapt to new operating systems, such as Investran, which will be highly beneficial in future roles!  

Eleanor - I’ve discovered that when working with spreadsheets, I find it helpful to add colour, and I’ve found many little ways to make my tasks more efficient, especially as I become familiar with the new software.  

Would you recommend HFL as a place of work to other people, and if so, why? 

Sam - I could not recommend HFL highly enough. Even in my short time here, I have experienced just how effectively the office works together, and the atmosphere is one of the friendliest, most helpful and most welcoming I have experienced.  

Eleanor - I would recommend HFL to anyone looking to do temporary work. The flexible work environment makes it easy and stress-free, an excellent way to transition into the working world and finance industry. In addition, learning how to use internal software and what HFL does has been interesting.  

 What are your future plans? 

Sam - I am starting my LPC in September and can hopefully gain more valuable work experience in the UK to become a trainee solicitor back in Guernsey.  

Eleanor - I still don’t know what I want to do post-sixth form, but this has given me insight into what an office job could be like, and it’s helped me fine-tune some of the skills I don’t often get work on in school.  

HFL’s trainee programme 

Interested in a career in finance? Our trainee programme is a great first step for motivated and ambitious individuals; our next cohort will start in September 2023. 

Specialising in the exciting and fast-paced world of venture capital, we offer trainees a fun, friendly and supportive place to work, along with an excellent starting salary and benefits package. 

To find out more about our trainee programme, visit our website. 

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