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Making the most of the nine-day fortnight

Making the most of the nine-day fortnight

1 December 2023

We hear from two HFL employees about our ongoing nine-day fortnight trial

In September we introduced a nine-day fortnight initiative, giving our employees extra flexibility and a unique perk to recognise the hard work and effort they put in to make HFL a success. Employees now get the added benefit of extended weekends or additional time off while still fulfilling their regular work hours.

Here is what two of our employees think about the scheme so far.

Michelle Mauger – Senior Office Administrator

“I've been at HFL for seven years now and whilst I started just doing 10 hours a week, my hours have increased over time. I'm a senior office administrator and I have a very varied role, I do everything from ordering to reception, phones, PA duties for the directors, and organise all the social events.

“The nine-day fortnight has been really beneficial for me, especially as I actually have two jobs. The scheme means that I can get a couple of extra days off each month.

“I don't tend to book anything for the day off, I like to keep it just about me. So, if I decide to pack loads into it and do lots of stuff, whether it be around the house or meet friends, great, but if not, and I want to stay in my PJs all day and watch chic flicks, that's exactly what I do!”

Of course, if you do have something specific coming up or need to get something done, you can plan ahead and schedule it in. It’s about giving people that extra flexibility.”

Kristy Webber - Senior Fund Administration Manager

“I've been at HFL for 10 years. I started off as trustee, but when our funds business developed, I transitioned teams into fund administration. We are always super busy with lots going on.

“I've got two small children, so I never really have a day off! It's really nice to have a day that’s about me. During the first month, I booked a spa day and had a facial which was exactly what I needed.

“I’ve been for a lot of walks; I can’t remember the last time I managed a cliff walk without worrying about one of the children! It’s great to have time out that is just for me. I don’t think we have enough time for ourselves, and just with our own company.

“The initiative has been a great way to reset. You can have a really busy couple of weeks and then just have a day to decompress and chill.

“We've structured it really well. We split our team into two, giving us a week each and we made sure that everybody's got a different day off. So, it doesn't impact the team in the office or our clients.”

People and Culture Manager, Stacey Le Page, said “The feedback has been fantastic, we can tell that the initiative has so far achieved what we hoped in allowing employees to have a better work life balance. It has also allowed us to evolve some of the rules and off the back of the nine day fortnight we have now implemented the flexi month. The flexi month is an alternative option for our employees who work set hours and who might struggle to make up their hours in two weeks but could do so over a month. It is important to us that we keep listening to our employee’s voices and making meaningful changes to how we operate.”

So far, it looks like our nine-day fortnight has been hugely beneficial and had a really positive impact on our team. We’ve had great feedback from our first staff survey, and we’ll be continuing with the initiative into 2024. Watch this space!

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