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The benefits of working at HFL

The benefits of working at HFL

21 December 2023

We are proud of our culture. As a family-owned business, we live and work by our values and integrate them into everything we do.

We are  proud of our culture. As a family-owned business, we live and work by our values and integrate them into everything we do.

We have an employee first culture, and have developed a combination of benefits that promote  healthy work-life balance as well as support our team with well-being, flexible working arrangements and fair reward. 

As Venture Capital specialists, HFL is becoming a recognised local employer of choice. . Our commitment to fostering a dynamic, inclusive and fun workplace ensures our team stays motivated and can enjoy a first-class culture as well as a unique work environment.

So, what are some of the many benefits of working at HFL?

Flexible working and enjoying a work-life balance

One of the key elements that sets us apart is our dedication to multiple flexible working options. We understand that work-life balance is important, and we offer a range of options to help our team build a schedule that works for them.

This includes compressed hours and 7AM-7PM opening hours for flexibility. This year we also started trialling a nine-day fortnight and flexi month scheme to offer our employees the extra benefit of added days away from the office.

You can find out more about our nine-day fortnight trial here 

We also close between Christmas and New Year, recognising the need to spend this time with family and giving our team a well-deserved break.

Rewards and Recognition

We love to celebrate our teams' achievements! From gift vouchers when passing professional exams to quarterly peer to peer recognition awards for upholding HFL values, we’re always showing off how proud we are of our people.

Recognising the achievements of the team is essential for motivation and morale. We value the hard work that everyone at HFL does. This is why we often participate in employee appreciation days and provide team breakfasts and lunches. Each year we also offer two performance-based bonuses to reward the dedication of our team.

Career development and supported studies

At HFL we want you to grow with us and we offer multiple channels of development to our people.

We promote based on merit, recognising employee's dedication and can allow for  quicker progression compared to other companies.

Each September, we also run a trainee scheme mentoring the next generation and helping people lay the foundations for their careers.

And for those looking to build their careers on further professional qualifications, this is very much encouraged.

Practical benefits

Our commitment to our employees' well-being goes beyond the workplace. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including private health insurance (PHI) and medical cover.

With on-site easy parking and a set parking rota our team don’t need to battle for a space.

We also set up our staff with a secure retirement and a non-contributory pension.

Our commitment to Mental Health

HFL takes Mental health seriously and work in partnership with Guernsey Mind to ensure that all of our employees are trained up annually. We also have a number of Mental Health first aiders and bring in guest speakers and sign post to charities or our Employees assistant programme where necessary.

Sports and Social activities

Of course, one of the most enjoyed benefits, is the sports and socials! Our People and Culture team work hard to make HFL a positive and inclusive workplace. We host quarterly full team socials and plenty of fun activities in between. We also take our corporate social responsibilities seriously and are involved with multiple awareness days and charity events throughout the year. Check out our social media channels to keep up with all the excitement!

On average, we spend one third of our lives at work. Which is why we work hard to make HFL an energising and rewarding place to work. With a wide range of benefits and first-rate team, we’ve built a culture to be proud of.

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